Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Sprawl Site Generator- CorpSec

The perverse jewel of corporate opulence at the elite heart of Metroplex. The CorpSec is a locus of human power on earth; a hyperelite ecosystem for the super-rich. Glittering chrome spires stab to the heavens, rising from a grid of concrete barriers and guarded security checkpoints. Cavernous luxury apartment suites look down to the miniature world below. Every luxury and pleasure known to man is here for the taking, if you can afford it. Those who can't seldem make it past the razor wire barricades.


Roll or choose elements from the following list of random tables to quickly generate varied sites within the CorpSec. Designed for Chromatic Shadows but compatible with any other cyberpunk/urban fantasy game.


Corporate Sector Random Tables

  1. Security Zone- Chainlink and razor wire buffer zone of redundant security checkpoints lead in and out of corp sec. Milispec officers command rigorous ID scanner verification hubs. Drones monitor from above. Vehicles are subject to thorough search by scan & sniffer bots.
  2. Lux Villages- Ultramodern glass and steel atriums connect by tube line elevators and transport hubs to cavernous subterranean “villages” filled with luxury restaurants, boutique stores and niche entertainment venues. A hangout spot for hyper rich teenagers.
  3. Corp Spires- Piercing steel and glass towers where the execs conduct business like gods within their boardrooms.
  4. Atrium Moderna- Glass pyramids and concrete rotundas filled with interactive AR installation art, and ultramodern sculpture.
  5. Nordic Tower- Massive vertical downhill ski resort and winter sports complex. Artificial snow all year round.
  6. Safari Acres- Menagerie with genetically regenerated extinct animals in a recreated environment. Cuddle a behaviorally modified tiger, or hunt a synthetic rhino.
  7. Cloud Casino- Luxury hotels and gambling tower complex perched high in the clouds. Glass and chrome spires interconnected by high speed tube elevators and a fleet of private gyrocopter livery cabs.
  8. Aquarium - Underwater luxury hotel suites built beneath the lake. Glass bubbles look out to artificial coral reefs swept in laser lights.
  9. Executive Suites- Soaring high above the district. Contains hundreds of open plan apartments and condos. Slanted cavernous ceilings with floor to ceiling glass windows.
  10. The Caverns- Multi-lane underground highway threading below corpsec. Connects to every major public or commercial parking area.
  11. The Cathedral- Soaring gothic edifice, behind tall metal fence. Old blackened stones reinforced with steel scaffolding, starkly contrast the hypermodern structures all around. Building is old, and in disrepair. Mostly ignored, and used for under attended religious services, and ironic photo ops.
  12. The Gardens- Sprawling multi-tiered complex of glass and steel tracery. Walkways wind through carefully manicured hydroponic gardens and park areas. Birds flutter about. Environment is climate controlled, roaring air scrubbers filter for atmospheric toxins.
  13. Gyrocab Livery Docks- Elevated concrete platforms where gyrocabs and gyrolimos launch and dock. Nearby garages where vehicles are parked between routes.
  14. The Arena- Massive stadium enclosed with faceted geodesic roof. 200 foot holoprojections above advertise the next corp sponsored concert or sports event.
  15. Micro Parking Unit- Retractable automated micro parking unit. Cars are pulled into small kiosk, where service unit rises from underground area. Robotic arms slide cars into storage slots, that are then lowered back into the ground.
  16. Hospital- Sprawling ultra modernist city block sized complex. Organic shaped buildings interconnected by numerous glass elevator tubes,bridges and automated walkways. Punctuated with large faceted domes and twisting lozenge shaped towers.
  17. Construction Site- City block cordoned off with fencing. Massive partially built skyscraper, draped with scaffolding. Cranes tower above. Crab drones scuttle up and down the height carrying construction material in their pincers.
  18. Police Barrack- City block sized brutalist structure. Composed of concrete slabs and wedges cut with slatted windows and skylights. Massive atrium of bulletproof glass emits a multistory holoprojection of the rotating “police shield” outward toward the public.
  19. The Canals- Artificial waterways carve through the hotel district. Numerous narrow bridges cross over them. Luxury gondola drones drift past schools of designer koi fish. At night the laser buoys are lit, filling the waters with pulsing neon light.
  20. Waterfront Village- Dome enclosed park-habitat, restaurants, and ultra modernist performing art center

Structural Qualities

  1. Brutalist concrete slab
  2. Steel web tracery
  3. Twisting geometric
  4. Multi tiered ziggurat
  5. Narrow piercing spire
  6. Suspension bridge
  7. Faceted glass/ crystal
  8. Mirrored chrome
  9. Pure marble
  10. Extruded concrete modules
  11. Geometric relief ornamentations
  12. Translucent tiles that modulate color


  1. Contracting crew on robotic scaffolding
  2. Fashion shoot. Exotic models posing on a nearby architectural detail. Drone camera swarms hovering nearby.
  3. Convoy of black cars with tinted glass, heavily armed security detail scanning area
  4. Outdoor political rally or fundraiser. Gathered crowd around a pop up stage. AR/ holographic projections towering overhead.
  5. Parties dining in glass booths suspended above the street.
  6. Large pack of tethered dogs being led along sidewalk by several hovering scooper-drones
  7. Nannies pushing high tech baby pods (anti-grav, A/V augmented climate controlled acrylic bubble)
  8. Landing module/ package delivery kiosk for courier drones.
  9. Protesters crowded outside barricades, squaring off against riot cops
  10. Medical team responding to emergency
  11. Paramilitary police unit blocking area, checking ID signatures
  12. Pedestrians in personal inflatable bubbles

Cyberpunk Textures

  1. Projection screen mounted to the side of a multistory building advertising plastic surgery
  2. Atmospheric sheltering kiosk for emergency oxygen and air filtration
  3. Solar panels cover a city block/ roof of building
  4. Drone surveillance in slow synchronized formation
  5. Towering 3D hologram advertising projections
  6. 1000 foot telecom tower built upon nearby concrete pad/ roof of building. Lights blink through the smog above.
  7. Colossal modernist sculpture. Slowly gyrating/ kinetic elements
  8. Glass enclosed automatic sidewalks/ self-climbing stairs
  9. Retractable access doors leading to underground area
  10. High speed tube elevators along side of building
  11. Helocopter pad
  12. Light module, blasting a thick beam of colored laser into the night


Sprawl Site Generator- CorpSec

The perverse jewel of corporate opulence at the elite heart of Metroplex. The CorpSec is a locus of human power on earth; a hyperelite ecosy...