Friday, April 30, 2021


Dangerous digital sentinals guard megacorporate data vaults deep within the Matrix. Here is a generator to quickly determine what fearful form these Intrusion Countermeasures take. For use with Chromatic Shadows and other cyberpunk games.


  1. Wolf/ hyena/ panther
  2. Swarm of bees/ hornets/ locusts
  3. Bladed orb
  4. Armored knight
  5. Shifting geometric shapes
  6. Snake
  7. Spiders/ scorpion/ crab
  8. Shark/ piranha
  9. Cloud of blades
  10. Ball of energy
  11. Skeletal warriors
  12. Flying skulls
  13. Predatory birds
  14. Squid/ octopus
  15. Harpy
  16. Wyvern
  17. Spectral apparition
  18. Angel
  19. Demon/ imp
  20. Virus/ spore


  1. Crackling/ pulsing energy
  2. Icy cold
  3. Wreathed in/ made of flame
  4. Void blackness
  5. Faceted mirror
  6. Prismatic/ rainbow
  7. Erupting spikes/ thorns
  8. mass of nanites/ nodules/ sparkling dust
  9. Liquid quicksilver/ chrome
  10. Dense black smoke
  11. Riveted iron
  12. Veined stone
  13. Blazing/ blinding light
  14. Pulsing circuitry
  15. Fractal shapes/ angles
  16. Gold
  17. Diamond/ crystal
  18. Mechanical/ robotic/ clockwork

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